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We are the industry leader with our user friendly, straightforward smart controls specifically designed for ease of operation and operator convenience.  The control system protects your investment and reduces costly down time. The MOHRLANG FABRICATION Super Spreader is built in Brush, Colorado, and provides you with exceptional results every time. Turn to our company for  the best-made commercial manure spreading equipment you can count on.


Smart Controls LCD Display

Smart Controls

Anyone who can drive a truck can operate this simple, straightforward system with minimal training. Controls are located in the cab for operator convenience. An easy-to-read Color LCD display allows you to monitor the:

  • Beater Pressure
  • Floor Pressure
  • Oil Temperature
  • Oil Level
  • Slop Gate Position
  • Floor Speed

System Diagnostics & Fail-Safes

Our system diagnostics will warn you of problems before they lead to repair. It also includes system fail-safes to prevent damaging your spreader. For instance, the industrial-hardened system prevents the operator from engaging the floor while the slop gate is down. It also keeps the machine from operating with unusual high oil temperature or low oil level. Oil temperatures of 180 degrees Fahrenheit trigger a system shut down to protect the machine and prevent costly repairs.


Our load-sensing all-hydraulic drive system combined with our custom designed manifold valve is an industry first. Gone are the costly and time consuming gear box and drivelines that require time consuming daily maintenance. We  have a total of six grease Zerks on the whole machine, three on each side in the back for the beaters and final drive shaft. They are quickly and easily greased compared to the 20 plus Zerks on a traditional spreader. You don't want these to cause trouble when you're running hard to finish spreading in cold, blustery weather. Our set up makes operation simpler, and your system less likely to break down.

About Load-Sensing Hydraulics

These pump controls are used to reduce the operating temperatures and conserve fuel. Our system dynamically responds to your needs instead of trying to maintain a constant flow, giving you better control and cutting your power losses. Load-sensing hydraulics are most beneficial in systems with wide-ranging demands in flow and pressure, which is a big advantage for a manure spreader.

Hydraulics System