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A Durable, Long-Lived Commercial Spreader

The MOHRLANG FABRICATION Super Spreader is the Top-of-the-Line, truck/trailer mounted spreader for manure, compost and silage. Made in Brush, Colorado, and is available in three standard sizes. Our Super Spreader is outfitted with an all-hydraulic, smart drive system. When you consider the total cost of owning, maintaining, and operating a commercial manure spreader, you'll find us unmatched in efficiency and savings.

Super Spreader Bed

Better Engineered, Better Built

Quality is built into every MOHRLANG SUPER SPREADER from the ground up. All of our craftsmen know that each weld is essential to the box build, and closely analyze every construction detail. We build a tough, long-lasting Super Spreader with 3" x 8" Rectangular Tube Main Stringers, 3" channel subfloor on 12" centers, 5" DOM beater tubes with 1/2" wall.  Visit our plant to see the Super Spreader being built for yourself.

Low Maintenance & Durable

Whether you are using this piece of equipment to spread manure, compost or haul silage, we know that down time equals money lost. Our Super Spreader is designed to minimize sevice and reduce operational wear and tear. We know these machines inside and out. When you do need parts and service, we're here to provide them. After all, a machine without a reliable source of parts isn't worth owning.

Standard Specifications

Standard models of the Super Spreader are SS-18', SS-20', and SS-22'. All models feature the same specifications with the exception of their length. Standard Equipment includes Quick Beater Assembly Removal, 6 Total Grease Points, 2 Horizontal Beaters with Optional Triple Beaters or Vertical Beaters. All units have load-sensing/pressure compensated hydraulics with a in-cab-mounted Color LCD digital controller. Our Super Spreaders offer an overall width of 102", inside width of 7', and side height of 44". Other standard specifications on all models include:

  • 2 1/4" Final Drive Shaft
  • 5" DOM Beater Tube with 1/2" Wall Thickness
  • 18 - 1/2" AR 400 Reversible Beater Teeth per Beater
  • 2" Beater Drive Shaft
  • Hydraulic, On-the-Go Kick-Out Beaters
  • Hydraulic Slop Gate
  • Variable High Speed Hydraulic Floor Drive
  • 2 Aprons 88C Pintle Floor Chains, 160k Tensile Strength Combined
  • 1/2" UHMW Plastic Freeze-Resistant Floor mounted on 3" Channel On 12" Centers
  • Heaped Capacity - SS-18' 610 cf, SS-20' 680 cf, SS-22 730 cf
Super Spreader Rear