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A Commercial Fertilizer Spreader To Get the Job Done

We made a point of overhauling the mechanical components behind our MOHRLANG FABRICATION Super Spreader. This machine is made in Brush, Colorado, where the winters are very cold and the summer sun can be sweltering. Our UHMW Floor is Freeze Resistant so the chains do not freeze down to the bed. To continue our "High Quality Commitment" our Robotic Welded beaters are unmatched in quality, every weld is the same both visually and in strength.


Kick-Out Beaters

Chunks of concrete, rocks, posts, you name it, can get mixed into a load by accident. Our hydraulic on-the-go kick-out beater system makes it simple to clear those obstacles from the spreader with ease. Our beaters and beater bearings can be removed in minutes, not hours. The spacing and angle of the beater teeth is designed to give you better material distribution. Our beaters are closer together and grind the manure to a finer texture with fewer large clumps.

Floor & Chains

Floor & Chains

The Super Spreader has Double 88C floor chains with easy access chain adjusters. Our chains are "freeze resistant", keeping your machinery running even in cold conditions. The redesigned chain return allows the floor chain to easily glide over the cross members, giving virtually no place for manure to buildup, keeping the chains from freezing down vs the long return angle on the underside of other models. The floor is 1/2" Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight polyethylene (UHMW), which offers features like:

• Greater All Weather Condition Durability
• Corrosion Resistance
• Abrasion Resistance
• Reduced Friction
• Greater Longevity UV Protection